The highly-anticipated enforcement date of May 25th has come and gone, but the opportunity to use information governance (IG) to bolster your organization’s compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) still exists.

IG and the GDPR are mutually reinforcing in that both will drive an organization to understand what information it has, how that information is used, how it needs to be managed and protected, and how it can be properly deleted once it no longer serves a purpose for the organization’s operations.  Organizations can use IG to bolster GDPR compliance, and in turn, can use the need to come into compliance with the GDPR to advance IG.

In a client alert last month, our Information, Privacy, Security and Governance team highlighted some of the critical actions that support GDPR compliance and how each action fits into a robust IG program aimed at strategically managing data in an organization’s possession and control. Click here to read the alert.

GDPR compliance efforts are sure to be ongoing as complaints are filed, enforcement actions are taken, and more guidance is released.  Don’t give up if you still have more to do to come into compliance with the GDPR.  IG can help.